Beach Resin Wine Glasses with Swimming Ocean Animal


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Dive into the ocean with our coastal wine glasses. These unique glasses are a great addition to any store. They have ocean resin in the bottom with your choice of ocean animal. These glasses are a must have for any ocean lover. Elevate your glassware collection with these stunning ocean-themed wine glasses.

You may select from the following options:
• Crab Glass
• Sea Turtle Glass
• Shark Glass
• Stingray Glass
• Mermaid Glass
• Octopus Glass

You have several different wine glass options to pick from as well:
• 19 ounce wine glass
• 10.5 ounce wine glass
• 15 ounce stemless wine glass

Additional information

Weight1.188 lbs
Dimensions4 × 4 × 9 in

19 oz, 10.5 oz, 15 oz Stemless

Ocean Animal

Crab, Mermaid, Octopus, Sea Turtle, Shark, Stingray